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Event Management

Event Management

Producing an event entails much more than just ordering food and inviting the guests.
Event Management

It requires an integrated approach to identifying a theme that will allow a client's strategic interests to make a major impact.



The Friedlander Group has successfully coordinated various events on behalf of clients to help build momentum for their programs and mission. These events pay tribute to various nonprofit and corporate clients who are celebrating milestones. They include a wide range of prominent guests including members of the arts and academia, as well as business, religious, and civic leaders.


Some of our events include Capitol Hill Luncheons, Legislative Breakfasts, and visit of nonprofit and business facilities. Our events bring together Federal, State and City elected and government officials, Ambassadors and community leaders allowing clients appeal to them on a personal level.

The Friedlander Group's responsibilities generally include:
  • Identifying and securing participation of influential elected officials (city, state or federal level)
  • Identifying and securing participation of influential community leaders, lay leaders, clergy members, government agency officials.
  • Preparing an distributing Press Release to traditional media channels (printed and online media).
  • Coordinating catering, room set-up, clean-up, and security.
  • Synchronizing and managing the day of the event.
  • Managing the design and printing of the invitations, photography, and video production.
  • Setting up all technical aspects of mass mailing, emailing, faxing, and tracking registrations.
  • Handling all logistics pertaining to the event and will staff the event appropriately.
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