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Rumors Fly Among Hasidim About Abducted Man’s Death

Monday, January 06, 2014
NY Times coverage on the Stark killing by Vivian Yee.

The mourning for Menachem Stark, a Hasidic real estate developer from Brooklyn who was kidnapped and killed last week, was not a quiet affair. As family and friends ascended the steps of his red brick rowhouse on Monday to pay their respects, they were abuzz with a single question: Why had he been killed?

The police said on Monday that their investigation had been expanding ever since Mr. Stark, 39, was forced into a van outside his Williamsburg office during a snowstorm Thursday night. His still-smoldering body was found on Friday in a gas station garbage bin on Long Island.


“There’s a lot of innuendos, a lot of suspicions, but there’s no cold, hard facts that you can go by,” said Ezra Friedlander, a Hasidic public affairs consultant from Borough Park.

Read it on NY Times.

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