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NY officials: 'Go out to vote for governor primaries'

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Quoted in Behadrey Haredim
Today in New York: primaries for Governor and Senators "It is important public elected officials see that we are a unified orthodox public"

Yoel Bitelman

Duty came to New York in ads distributed throughout ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in New York, called the activists to participate in the gubernatorial primaries in New York, and members of the legislature.

"Anyone who doesn't stabilize at the polls, he is a thief, causing damage to the public, yeshivas, Talmud Torah, Torah learners, families with children," Advertiser contractors write today in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Boro Park, Williamsburg, and Flatbush to vote, in huge posters around the Orthodox neighborhoods.

Ezra Friedlander Friedlander Group CEO, ultra-Orthodox senior activists tells Behadrey Haredim: "Ultra-Orthodox community have a very serious problem, we are all busy with day to day politics, all of a sudden become political analysts and senior consultants, what is good and who is ultra-Orthodox public, but on election day, they are not prepared to spend half an hour of their time to come out and vote.

"They say to themselves, one vote will not affect either way, but we emphasize again how important it is to point out that every candidate looks well who voted for him, and if we show some electoral power, candidates should accommodate us.

"I for one support the position of Andrew Como for Governor of New York, and I have no doubt that he would win because the rival candidate is anonymous. Even if the haredi public will not vote for him, he would get the job, but I have no doubt Como will check who supported him, and it is important to show Haredi public went to the polls and voted. We need it if it's for yeshiva budgeting, Talmud Torah, schools, apartments for rent, almost every field of life the governor of New York State has power. "

According to American law all persons of 18 years who have been recorded a month ago can go to the party vote. Elections will take place in about a month and a half; everyone could choose any candidate from any party whatsoever.

As of this hour turnout is low in haredi neighborhoods, the polls are open from eight in the morning until ten at night, but the vote contractors believe that the various candidates towards evening when the public come home from work, and overall turnout will be higher.
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