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Thursday, November 06, 2014
"people want someone who is responsible and they are mature enough..."
Political consultant Ezra Friedlander said Jewish support for Cuomo was high. "When you have a governor who has been responsive to various needs of the community such as tuition assistance, special education and transportation, it's only fair to show appreciation," he said.

Friedlander said Astorino had aggressively sought out Jewish support but "people want someone who ls responsible and they are mature enough to understand that not everything is doable, it's a big state and that requires a lot of patience. We have a gonmor who came in and demonstrated that he ia capable of being responsive. People know he can't put a chicken  in every pot, but he can create policies that allow yeshivas to flourish.

Of the Flatbush politicans, Friedlander said the results show "'people are grateful when you have incumbents who have been there time and again to protect quality of life. People feel they can show gratitude by voting for you."

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